1.The owner hereby lets to the guest who hereby rents the property upon the terms and conditions contained herein.

2. Subject to clause below 4 the guest shall, unless otherwise agreed, be entitled to occupy the property from 3pm on the arrival date until 10am on the departure date.

3.  The guest shall pay the rental deposit to the owner’s agent in full within 3 days of signing the agreement. The agreement shall not be binding on the owner unless the rental deposit has been paid in full.

4. The balance of the rental, together with the breakage deposit, shall, unless otherwise agreed, be paid to the owner’s agent in full not less than 30 days prior to the arrival date.  The guest shall not be entitled to occupy the property, unless and until the balance of the rental and breakage deposit have been paid in full.

5. The guest shall return the property and its contents to the owner on the departure date in the same good order and condition as at the arrival date, fair wear and tear excepted. The guest shall be liable for any loss, damage to or destruction of the property and its contents arising during the rental period.

6. The guest acknowledges that the owner shall be entitled to deduct from the breakage deposit or any advance rental paid by him, any amount for which he is liable in terms hereof as and when such amount falls due before accounting to the guest for the balance. If at any time the deposit falls below the amount required by this agreement the guest shall be obliged to re-instate the deposit to its full amount on demand. Any amount due to the guest in terms hereof shall be refunded within 7 days of the guest’s liability having been determined.

7. The property may be used only for residential purposes and may not be occupied by more than the specified maximum number of occupants. The guest shall at all times ensure that he and his family, guests and invitees do not create a nuisance to neighbours and shall at all times comply with all municipal regulations relating to the use of the property.

8. No pets of any kind are allowed on the property. No smoking.

9. The guest agrees that the owner, or his duly authorised representative, shall be entitled, on reasonable notice to the guest, to inspect the property. If the guest is found to be in material breach of the terms of this agreement and fails to remedy such breach upon being requested to do so, the owner shall be entitled, on written notice, to terminate this agreement and to require the guest to vacate the property forthwith.

10. The guest acknowledges that he and his family are occupying the property entirely at his risk and that the owner shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to person or property which the guest, his family, guests or invitees may suffer or sustain while on the property. The guest hereby indemnifies the owner and holds him harmless from any loss, injury or damage which he, his family, guests and invitees may suffer or sustain whilst on the property.